Essential Makeup Brushes

Up until 3 years ago I only had three makeup brushes. One for eyes, one for blush, and one for face powder. Clearly, even though I loved all things makeup, I was clueless about the importance of brushes for a great makeup look. They can take your makeup game from rookie to pro. While I am no pro at doing my makeup (my liquid eyeliner applying technique still needs TONS of work), I have paid attention to the tools that pros use. Here’s the brushes that made the cut:

  1. Foundation brush (face)- I like to use a round, compact brush for applying my foundation. Since I alternate between liquid and powder foundation, I use two different brushes (but they’re essentially the same).
  2. Blending brush (eyes)- As I started watching more and more YouTube makeup tutorials, I started noticing that they all had one thing in common: all makeup artists used a blending brush for their eye looks. It´s a game changer and I´m not exaggerating. If you´re creating an eye makeup look, even if you´re just using one color, it´s definitely a MUST.
  3. General Powder Brush (eyes)-  This is a no-brainer must. You need a brush to apply the eyeshadow to the lid, and I´m pretty sure you all have one already.
  4. Smudging/eyeliner (eyes/brows)- I bought a dual smudging/eyeliner brush on Sephora on sale and it´s surprisingly versatile. It´s one of my most-used brushes. I use the eyeliner for eyebrows too.
  5. Blush brush (face)- This is another no-brainer, essential brush. You need a good brush to really blend the blush, so it looks as if radiating from within, as if the color on your cheeks is a natural flush.
  6. Loose Powder Brush (face)- This brush is especially important for us with oily complexions. I have several powder brushes, but my favorite one is a fluffy one that is still slim enough to really layer the powder under my eyes.

And that´s it! These are my all-time essential brushes. I never go without them, and even if I´m doing my makeup on my car (which happens more often than it should), I still take these six brushes with me. What about you guys? Do you have any other brushes that should be on an essential´s list? Or do you think I have too many? Let me know in the comments!