The Only Hack You’ll Need For A Perfect Mani + Pedi At Home


I love giving myself mani + pedis. I rarely go to the salon, and prefer to give myself DIY manis and pedis in the comfort of my home. The only problem with that is that I have a horrible pulse. My left hand is so shaky that by the time I’m done my right hand looks like my manicurist was a 5-year-old. I know that with practice you’re supposed to get better, but I’ve been giving myself manicures for a couple of years now so I don’t know when that “experience” will kick in.

What I used to do to remedy my problem was give myself a manicure at night or at a time of the day when I was sure I didn’t need to leave my home anymore so no one would see the mess. Then, as I did some water-related tasks, like washing the dishes or taking a shower, I would try to get the excess dry nail polish off of my cuticles, and skin. It worked, but it wasn’t a fast or reliable method. Needless to say, the times when I didn’t plan the timing of my manicures well enough and had to go out unexpectedly after doing my nails were mortifying.

I had tried many tricks and products that were supposed to help “erase” the excess polish around the cuticle area and leave a flawless finish. I tried one from Sephora + OPI that was like a marker dipped in polish remover, but that didn’t work very well. It was too thick and the polish remover didn’t do much.

I had also tried to dip an eyeliner brush in nail polish remover and swipe around the area, but that didn’t work either. Yes, it was more precise, but the remover didn’t work as well as I needed. Therefore, I resigned and just tried to avoid going out after doing my nails.

That is, until the other day. I was going down the rabbit hole that is YouTube and found a genius tip in one of Kelli Marissa’s videos (I discovered her channel that same night. Oh how my life changed). In order to clean my mani after the mess, I had to use 100% pure acetone, not just some old plain nail polish remover! This was so simple. I was so close before. Don’t judge me for not figuring that one out by myself.

So that’s it, that’s the hack. And oh my god does it work. Since the acetone is so strong, the nail polish vanishes instantly. I just kept wiping the eyeliner brush and voilá. Perfect manicure. Keep in mind though, that since pure acetone is so drying, you should put some cuticle oil or some lotion to hydrate your nails afterwards. I added the link to the video in the post, she gives great tips on how to do a perfect manicure at home.

I hope this helps someone out there. It’s not the most inventive hack there is, and I’m sure I was probably the last woman on Earth to find out about it. But just in case there’s someone out there that loves to give herself mani + pedis and sucks at the painting part, like me, this is for her.