Weekly Beauty Routine

New year, new resolutions… Right? But this time, instead of focusing on the same “lose weight, eat healthy” shit,  I am instead focusing on creating a regular weekly beauty routine. Ok, who am I kidding, that’s one of my other resolutions. But in this post at least, I’m going to focus on my newly established beauty routine.

I have my morning and nightly routines pretty worked out. I rarely go to bed without washing my face because I know that if I do I will wake up with a guaranteed zit. But I never used to be consistent about masks, deep conditioning my hair, doing my nails, or even cleaning my brushes regularly (I know, you’re all cringing right now). That’s why I decided that 2017 was going to be different on that front. I decided to work out a “weekly beauty schedule” and stick to it. And so far, I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to do it pretty well. Here’s how my weekly beauty schedule looks:


Even though it’s pretty self-explanatory, I’ll go over it really quickly. I’ve added links of all the products I use so you can check them out if you want.

Sundays– I recently started working from home, so now I don’t actually use my makeup brushes as often as I used to. However, since my skin is so acne-prone, I still like to clean my blending sponge and foundation brushes once a week even if I only used them two or three times. I use baby shampoo and a drop of tea-tree oil to clean my brushes, but another good trick is to use dish soap and olive oil, as demonstrated by Michelle Phan in this video.

Mondays– Since I am a member of ipsy.com, I have a trillion makeup bags. For those of you that have never heard of Ipsy, probably no one since it’s pretty popular, Ipsy is a beauty subscription that for $10.00 a month sends you personalized beauty samples. I like it because it gives me a chance to try new products that I wouldn’t have otherwise found. Anyway, the products come in a pretty makeup bag, so you can imagine how many I’ve accumulated over the past three years. If I don’t schedule a moment in my week to switch makeup bags, I’d probably use the same one for six months (true story).

Tuesdays– For my mask day, I use oil-absorbing masks, or calming masks. I like to alternate between Boscia’s peel-off masks, a dual scrub and clay mask from Clinique and Paula’s Choice oil-absorbing mask. I know that Glam Glow is supposed to offer a great selection of masks, but I haven’t tried it yet because it’s so expensive. I’m open to suggestions on any other good masks.

Wednesdays– As I said in a previous post, I like to do my nails at home. I don’t like gel manicures, so my manis last up to a week (on a good week), but mostly gets chipped in four days. I try to give myself a pedi once every two weeks.

Thursdays– Since I have oily skin, I am really wary when it comes to moisturizing masks. I tried Karuna’s oil-free sheet masks and fell in love. Love love LOVE to relax before going to bed while wearing one of their sheet masks. I may look like a ghost or a weird creature while I have it on, but it leaves me feeling refreshed. I’ve even falling asleep with the mask on.

Fridays– I’m not going to lie. This is where I’ve failed. I only did it once at the start of January and for some reason forgot to do it last week. I’ll definitely do it more regularly though. I put coconut oil on my ends, leave it for like half an hour, then washed my hair. I have to admit that I didn’t notice a difference right away, but I’m hoping that once I start doing it regularly I’ll see noticeable results.

Saturdays– Finally, I finish my week with a mani (I just change the color since I file my nails on Wednesdays) and while showering I use Dr. Brandt’s PoreDermabrasion exfoliator.

And that’s it! I know routines are not for everyone, and I’m sure most of you remember to do this without adhering to a schedule. However, I’m one of those people that likes to write every little thing that they have to do, and having a beauty schedule really helps me remember that if I want to have the best skin possible, I have to do more than just wash my face morning and night. If you’re anything like me, I hope this helps.